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The Scaramanga Six Back To School
The Scaramanga Six's new video for their magnificent track Back To School. The video features a ripping performance from the band as we watch them harass an innocent man through a frankenstien style music machine with their menacing tune. The band haven't lost their sinister touch. The video was directed and produced by Ash Pears & Richy Lloyd at AshTV Music Video www.ashtv.co.uk. Initally the idea for the video was up in the air until almost the last minute. We knew they could perform so therefore decided it would be a shame to leave that element out. Then the story with the 'machine' came about as we discussed the elemental vibe of the band; which is their skilled way of rocking out and creeping out their listeners - so the listener in the video gets a blasting. Go to www.thescaramangasix.co.uk to buy their ace new album 'Songs Of Prey'. 14 tracks of beautifully crafted eerie rock songs.
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