Richard P. "Richie" Havens (born January 21, 1941) is an American folk singer and guitarist. He is best known for his intense rhythmic guitar style (in open tuning), soulful covers of pop and folk son... click for more info
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Freestyle Aerobatics with Le Fish Light at Merriam Crater
Here is a "one take" video of my Le Fish light flying the NW lower bench of Merriam Crater. This low angle slope is perfect for flying close to yourself and low to the ground... my favorite kind of flying. I call this "American" VTPR combination of freestyle, in-your-face, and VTPR. I shot the video with my GoPro2 camera at 720p and 60 fps. Most of the video is at regular speed; but I slowed down a few segments of the video... for effect. The music is "By the Grace of the Sun" by Richie Havens.
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