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Woodkid - Run Boy Run (Official Video)
According to french culture magazine Les Inrockuptibles “he is the biggest french buzz since Daft Punk“. Undoubtedly, Woodkid was the first surprise of 2011 with his debut EP “Iron“, an epic pop with a real symphonic power, signed by independent label Green United Music. In four original songs, Woodkid played as much with marble than modernity. Realeased in March with a video that dives you into a fantastic tale, directed by Woodkid himself, “Iron“ has been listenned and seen all over the Internet, hitting today 15 millions of views. Woodkid, aka Yoann Lemoine, is originally known as a music video director for Lana Del Rey, Drake, Katy Perry, The Shoes… The legend says that during a video shoot in the U.S., Woodkid received, straight from great American guitarist Richie Havens’ hands, a banjo that immediately replaced his piano, at least for a while. Today, Woodkid is realeasing a new EP RUN BOY RUN and a new video, “Iron’s“ prequel and second step into the story that inspires his first album “The Golden Age“, expected by the end of 2012. RUN BOY RUN is fancier and brighter. It’s a very complex track that goes from very dark and aggressive percussion to a very mellow pop string chorus. “It’s very novice to me.“ explains Woodkid. The EP also offers three remixes of the track by SebastiAn, Tepr and Ostend, who used their talent of electronic music producers to give “Run Boy Run“ an innovative depth. Buy on iTunes DE http://itunes.apple.com/de/album/run-boy-run-remixes-ep/id522665628
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