Patricia Lee "Patti" Smith (born December 30, 1946) is an American singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist, who became a highly influential component of the New York City punk rock movement with her... click for more info
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Le Butcherettes - The Devil Lived @ East Brunswick Club (14th Dec 2011)
Check out my exclusive interview with Teri Gender Bender for TONE DEAF TV conducted by the lovely Phoebe Pinnock. http://www.tonedeaf.com.au/video/interviews-video/112304/interview-with-le-butcherettes.htm Carbie Warbie LOVES Rock Chicks! I proudly wear a T-Shirt with that printed on the front at many of the gigs that I photograph around Melbourne Rock Central. I am extremely proud of that fact! When I was a tiny pesky kid, I had the usual varied interests. Just like any average aussie wog kid there was footy, cartoons, cars and so on. It was the era of glam rock music. Sure I liked Bowie, Slade, T-Rex, Sweet and so forth but it was a photograph of a leather clad Suzi Quatro that was the first poster that I ever stuck up on my bedroom wall. It was a visceral connection that got my motor running! From "Can The Can" to "Devil Gate Drive" I was in awe watching her on TV Shows like Countdown. I attribute my teen love for Suzi Q for really getting me into music. Over the years there were many other rock chicks that came and disappeared. The Runaways gave us "Cherry Bomb" and Joan Jett loved rock'n'roll. The punk scene was exciting because all of a sudden, women had a voice. We had acts like The Slits, Plasmatics, X-Ray Spex! Oh Bondage, Up Yours! Blondie was a punk pop goddess! Patti Smith was the Godmother of Punk. Locally we had Chrissy Amphlett of The Divinyls, Deborah Conway of Do-Ré-Mi, Adalita in Magic Dirt and many more. In recent times, it has all gone a bit pear shaped. Where did the new rock chicks go? There is nothing rock about the mindless commercial fodder that the record companies were pumping to the public. It was dire times. About six months ago, I stumbled upon something online. I googled photographs. WHOA! I check out some raw live footage on YouTube. My jaw dropped! This band has been around since 2007, yet nobody in Australia knew they existed. This band had been touring with the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Dead Weather. I ordered their album. All killers and no fillers! IT ROCKED OUT! I was totally GOBSMACKED! The lead singer of this group called Le Butcherettes, Teri Gender Bender is the best and most exciting rock chick performing in the world, I declared! The level of excitement of hearing that Heathen Skulls were going to be touring Le Butcherettes on their first ever international tour of Australia was palpable! I have had the amazing chance this year to photograph such iconic acts from U2, Foo Fighters, Iggy & The Stooges, New York Dolls, Bon Jovi and much more. They all pale into insignificance because here was my chance to get to photograph a band that I have been totally obsessing about for the last six months. I AM EXCITED! STAY TUNED! I am photographing and videoing the hell outta every Le Butcherettes gig in Melbourne Rock Central. I AM EXCITED AND I HOPE YOU ARE TOO! Come along for the ride. VIVA LE BUTCHERETTES! For more information about Le Butcherettes: http://lebutcherettes.net
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