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British Invasion
How I Do - Ronnie Napolitan - Feeble Grind
The 'How-To' video is no where near a new concept. There has been a how-to do almost everything imaginable. Most are long, drawn out videos, more boring to watch than insightful and inspiring. So we decided to take the 'How-To' back it's simplest form. One rider, doing one trick, documented the best way possible. So enjoy as Ronnie Napolitan enlightens you on the fundamentals of how to execute a proper feeble grind. Take this new found perfection and go outside, learn something new and have some fun riding your bike. To see more of Ronnie and all things Haro check out harobikes.com/BMX Rider: Ronnie Napolitan Filmed, Edited and Directed By: Terrell Gordy Music: Mott the Hoople All the Young Dudes "Ready for Love / After Lights" Support the Artist here: itunes.apple.com/us/album/ready-for-love-after-lights/id197973141?i=197974653 Filmed with: Panasonic HPX-170 Panasonic AF-100 Panasonic GH-2 Equipment Provided By: Texas Media Systems texasmediasystems.com Thanks go out to theberrics.com, we know a good idea when we see it.
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