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Markus Lehtonen | showreel 2013
My first reel. Projects mostly from 2013. info@markuslehtonen.com Projects in the Reel: TOM HINGSTON STUDIO www.hingston.net: David Bowie - I'd Rather Be High Music Video (directed by Tom Hingston) Robbie Williams - Swings Both Ways TVC (directed by Tom Hingston) INTRO www.intro-uk.com: Maserati and Bowers & Wilkings - Seven Notes Film (directed by Mat Cook) Maserati - Ghibli Film (directed by Mat Cook) BBC - Sports Personality of the Year 2012 (directed by Julien Gibbs) BBC - Usain Bolt (directed by Julien Gibbs) BBC - Formula One 2013 (directed by Julien Gibbs) Nike - Hypervenom Launch Event (directed by Julien Gibbs) Luciano Pavarotti - The 50 Greatest TVC (directed by Jason Devine) Vertu - Vertu Ti Film (directed by Julien Gibbs) www.markuslehtonen.com: Blacksmif - How the Fly Saved the River Music Video (directed by Markus Lehtonen) Mimi - Easy Music Video (directed by Richard Stow) Martyn Bal - SS2010 Video (directed by Martyn Bal) Sins of the Father - Title Sequence (directed by Markus Lehtonen) RCA show 2012 - Hello, World? (directed by Markus Lehtonen) Music: Vladislav Delay - Raamat
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