Jim Brickman (born November 20, 1961) is an American songwriter and pianist. He is known for his solo piano compositions, pop-style instrumentals, and vocal collaborations with artists such as Michael... click for more info
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About the film: This is a producer on the film, shot in China, a clothing manufacturing plant. Produced by the TeamMax MediaWorks. Video recording time is the end of June this year, from shooting to finished with two working days. www.dvlong.com About Production: Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Clips using Adobe Premiere CS5, for some special reasons, in the middle after two transcoding, the final code generated by the Final Cut Pro X. Producer: Wang Yuan. Director: Kevin Wong Production Director: Sun Xiangqian. Cinematography by: Fang Xiaogang. Editor:: Kevin Wong. Narration: YinYu. Music: Jim Brickman “Serenade”, Ludovico Einaudi “Nuvole Bianche”. If you have any questions please message, I will try, thank you!
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