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Suzy + Aaron
There are so many things that I love about Suzy and Aaron’s wedding, but something that really stands out is their desire to honor the past and those who came before them. From family, to friends, they recognize that they are who they are today because of them, and embrace their memories as they start their new life together. Both being professional broadcasters, Suzy did an amazing job putting together a video for the reception that we used throughout their film to help tell this story. This was my first time in Omaha and I couldn’t have been more impressed. From the rehearsal dinner in the old market at the Upstream Brewing Company, to the ceremony and reception at the Joslyn Museum, everything couldn’t have been more beautiful and perfect. Suzy was just stunning, and Aaron’s love for her was not hard to miss. Another favorite moment, and you have to catch it quick, is when Suzy thanks Aaron for treating her like a queen. Without missing a beat you can see him say “you deserve it”. This reflexive response epitomizes their love for each other. It was such an honor to capture this celebration of love. Congrats and Mazel Tov! http://www.vibrantfilm.com/ To purchase the music used in this film: Coldplay - Lovers In Japan / Reign of Love - http://itun.es/ib37hr Jim Brickman and Adam Crossley - Beautiful World (We’re All Here) with Adam Crossley - http://itun.es/ib377q The Fray - Heartbeat - http://itun.es/ib377D Bruno Mars - Marry You - http://itun.es/ib37h5 The Wanted - Glad You Came - http://itun.es/ib37hy
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